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Unlock your looks in 3 steps with LookSky: 1) Select based on facial features like face shape and lip form, 2) Complete your profile with measurements such as shoulder, bust, waist, hips, and proportions, 3) Help us learn your style by tapping designs you wouldn't wear, including sleeve types and necklines. Get Started Now


Get the scoop on 300+ Most-Coveted Brands including AMOURVERT, ARITZIA, AURA, DISSH, AG. Features DISSH with brand positioning as socially responsible and style as feminine, minimalist. Showcases four stylish DISSH outfits. 200,000+ High Quality, Current Fashion Pieces - Explore LookSky's vast collection of stylish and modern clothing. Fashion details including Halter Neck, Sleeveless, Blue Polyester, Silky, for galas - Discover unique textures and styles on LookSky. Tags for Flowy, Weddings, Lightweight fabrics - Find your perfect wedding attire on LookSky.


Skylar, LookSky's AI Personal Stylist - Learn your fits, tastes, and needs; catalog each item's design details; merge your needs with our pieces for dream closet status. 100 fresh looks curated daily for you. Get Started


Chat with Skylar anytime - Your fashion questions answered. Skylar helps decode trends, style principles, and your unique tastes. Features chat interface where users discuss fashion choices like dress recommendations and ask questions about sizes and shipping policies. Get Started Free trial button - Hurry! Limited-time offer. Sign up now with LookSky to start your personalized fashion journey.

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Ditch the Decision Fatigue: LookSky Makes You a Fashion Pro (Even If You're Not!) - Cover image for LookSky's blog post on overcoming decision fatigue with AI-powered fashion guidance.
Ditch the Decision Fatigue: LookSky Makes You a Fashion Pro (Even If You're Not!)
Online shopping was supposed to be our style savior. But, with a seemingly infinite number of choices, it seems that we still don't have anything stylish to wear. LookSky isn't just another fashion platform, it's your secret weapon to conquering closet chaso and unlocking your personal style.
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May 5, 2024

Cracking the Style Code: Why LookSky's Kibbe Test is Your Secret Weapon